Pink® Batts® and Homestar v4

What is Homestar®

Homestar® is a comprehensive, independent national rating tool adapted for New Zealand’s specific conditions, that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of New Zealand houses.

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A home is rated on a scale from 6 to 10, and is assessed against Seven Categories: 

    • Energy, Health and Comfort (makes up to 50% of the potential Homestar
    • Water
    • Waste
    • Materials
    • Management
    • Site
    • Density and resource efficiency

And optional innovation 


There are two stages to gaining a Homestar® Rating

  • Design – this rating assesses the full and final plans from which the home will be built
  • Built – this rating occurs after a home is constructed. It certifies that the built home achieves the targeted Homestar rating

What the ratings mean:

A current new home built only to Building Code would achieve 3-4 Homestar® on the scale.

A 6 Homestar® rating or higher provides assurance that a house will be - warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run - than a typical new house built to building code.

A 10 Homestar® rating means you've built a world leading house.


Pink® Batts® Insulation Homestar® Partner:

Homestar Partner

Pink® Batts® insulation is a long-time supporter of Homestar®, we support the movement towards creating better, warmer and more energy efficient and comfortable homes. 


Achieving Homestar® points - for Builders and Designers

Pink® Batts® insulation and PinkFit® Installers can help designers to achieve points on the following three categories 

Energy, Health and Comfort (EHC)

  • To obtain a 6 star rating there is a minimum requirement of 12 points for the credit “EHC-1 Whole House Thermal Comfort”, this credit is part of the EHC category. 
  • Pink® Batts® insulation offers high R-value products that will help your project to achieve higher R-value elements. 

Materials (MAT)

  • “MAT 1 – Sustainable Material” rewards the use of third-party certification.  Pink® Batts® insulation products have an Environmental Choice accreditation, a HomeStar® accepted eco label. Pink® Batts® environmental choice products .

Management (MAN)

  • If the insulation is installed by PinkFit®, our professional installers, then points can be achieved under “MAN 3 – Responsible Contracting”.


Are you a Homeowner, builder or designer and want to understand more - visit the Homestar® website.  Or contact us directly