Insulation requirements for landlords

Insulation requirements for landlords

Always trust Pink® Batts® insulation for your rental property insulation requirements.

Book a free insulation assessment using our online form. 

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The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) amendment requires all rental properties to have underfloor and ceiling insulation by 2019*, or risk fines. Plus you need to provide an insulation statement on new Tenancy Agreements

So you’ll need to know a bit about the insulation you currently have installed and that's where we can help. For FREE.

We've also created a range of Retrofit insulation to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you, check it out on our products page under retrofit insulation. 


What are the insulation levels changing to?

Rental properties (that don’t currently meet minimum levels of insulation) will need to be insulated to a level that is approximately the same as the current building code requirements for new homes. 

Your PinkFit® insulation installer can discuss the requirements on request depending on your location and building type.*

Our new retrofit range of insulation is made to meet these new levels, making the process of upgrading your insulation quick and stress-free. You'll find it in the blue bags.  

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What do I need to do to arrange a FREE PinkFit® assessment?

  • Arrange a PinkFit® assessment with your local building merchant or using our online form (CartersITM, Mitre 10 or PlaceMakers). A PinkFit® insulation installer will come and check your rental property (it takes around 30 minutes).
  • PinkFit® will then email you an insulation report.
  • If your property needs insulation, they'll attach an obligation-free quote.
  • If you go ahead just arrange it through your building merchant store.
  • Following an installation you'll get a PinkFit® certificate confirming that the installation of your new insulation meets the requirements of NZS 4246 - the installation standard. 

You can trust Pink® Batts® insulation.

Leading independent research shows that glass wool is one of the most effective insulation materials available. Pink® Batts® has been New Zealands trusted insulation for over 50 years. Our products are made for New Zealand conditions and we work with a network of PinkFit® insulation installers who are committed to improving the warmth and comfort of New Zealand homes.

Get it wrapped up today.


The RTA is now in effect and smart landlords are acting now. Here’s why:

  • You’ll beat the last minute rush
  • You’ll avoid the risk of any future price changes
  • You as a homeowner or landlord could qualify for a local council funding package**
  • A warmer, drier property can command a higher rental
  • Insulating with Pink® Batts® can make your rental property more appealing to prospective tenants, or keep existing tenants.

Don’t leave yourself exposed!

Call or visit your local merchant today to book your free PinkFit® property assessment.

* Some exceptions apply (e.g. where it is not possible to retrofit installation due to house design or construction. For more information visit the MBIE website)

**Voluntary Targeted Rates (VTR) - Council programmes
The following regions have a council programme where the cost of retrofitting a house with insulation is added to the council rates; these include rental properties.
The regions are:


Each programme and the programme processes vary between regions. More information is available from the local council. PinkFit® can help you through the process involved for each individual council.


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